Dehydrated Hair? Are You Kidding Me?

Can Dehydration Cause Hair Loss?

dehydrated hairMany women overlook the effect that water and dehydrated hair have on health and hair growth.  Your body constantly loses moisture through perspiration and respiration – sweat and breathing.  If you don’t consume enough liquid, dehydration occurs.  The body requires adequate moisture to carry out most of its functions.  Normal bodily functions will begin to fail, and this includes normal hair growth.

Hair shafts are made up of twenty-five percent water.  When you don’t drink enough water, hair becomes weak and brittle.  Water also flushes wastes and toxins from the cells, so hair follicles can harden and become clogged.  Hair is not critical tissue.  The body allocates the limited moisture that is available to vital organs – and away from the scalp and hair follicles.

drinking water for hair lossWhat is Dehydrated Hair?

Dehydration causes women to experience hair loss in two ways – shedding and breakage.  Shedding occurs when whole hair strands fall out from the root.  Breakage can occur anywhere along the hair strand.  Dehydrated hair causes dry, brittle strands so it affects both the length and the thickness of your hair.

Dehydration and Hair Loss

Experts estimate that as much as seventy-five percent of the population suffers from some degree of dehydration.  Most are completely unaware of it.  Women are advised to drink at least 2 liters of water per day – even more if the weather is warm or you are exerting yourself. 

  • drinking water for hair growthSigns of early dehydration are fatigue, mild thirst and infrequent urination.
  • Signs of moderate dehydration include a mild headache, feeling dizzy or light headed, moderate thirst, dark yellow-orange urine and constipation.
  • Signs of severe dehydration include extreme thirst, confusion, irritability, little or no urination, low blood pressure, fever, dry mouth, rapid heart beat, dry skin that does not bounce back after being pinched, very dry mouth.  These are serious warning signs and should not be ignored!

water-and-hair-lossFoods and Drinks Which Intensify Dehydrated Hair

There are certain foods and drinks that will cause dehydration that you should know about. These include:

Sodas, energy drinks, Fruit juices, Sugar and natural sweeteners, Alcohol, Coffee, salty foods, soy sauce, high protein meals and medications that contain diuretics

What Else Can Cause Dehydrated Hair?

dry scalp hair lossNot drinking enough fluids is bad for your hair.  But it is not the only way in which your hair – and skin – can be affected by dehydration. A number of lifestyle factors can also cause dehydrated hair:

  • smoking
  • central heating and air-conditioning
  • heated hair styling tools.

Aside from drinking plenty of water, it is important to keep your hair clean. When you hair is not clean, the follicles become clogged which makes it difficult for hair to grow. But be careful!  Shampooing your hair every day can dry it out.  This can also result in…you guessed it…dehydrated hair!

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION – Can hair loss from dehydration be reversed?                                  ANSWER –  Yes, but it is a slow process that often takes three to six months.  For best effect, eat a well balanced diet, get enough sleep and reduce stress.

QUESTION – Does drinking alcohol cause hair loss?                                             ANSWER – Every body is different, BUT alcohol leads to dehydration; alcohol can cause depleted iron levels; alcohol increases estrogen levels; alcohol saps vitamins and leaves toxins behind.  All of these conditions have been linked directly with hair loss and reduced hair growth.

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